Review: Lovehoney Oh! Rabbit Realistic

  • Silicone/3 x AA batteries/Multiple Speeds & Patterns/Waterproof/Water based lube ONLY
  • Insertable Length: 4.5 inches Circumference: 5 inches (head) 6 inches (beads)

And to kick off proceedings I thought I’d re-review an ‘old faithful’, my first no, second ever rabbit vibrator, the Lovehoney Oh! Rabbit Realistic Silicone Vibrator. I feel I must confess my first toy was a jelly rabbit atrocity from a certain highstreet store – it melted and the batteries leaked – so the Oh! Rabbit was a big step up for me in that it is made of silicone (a flame test confirms this). It was a toy box favourite for a long time…and 2 years on it still is!

The Oh! Rabbit comes in the usual sleek and tasteful Lovehoney packaging, a white box with a clear photo of the product on the front and no gurning women in sight – always a plus! Inside there is a little leaflet explaining how to use the toy which is a nice touch for beginners. The toy itself is VERY pink which I myself don’t personally mind, even if it is a bit unoriginal. Part of the attraction of my gross jelly rabbit was that it was a beautiful aqua green colour, a bit more of that (in body safe materials, of course) on the market wouldn’t go amiss. Anyway, the Oh! Rabbit’s silicone is nice and soft to stroke and quite firm. The shaft is of a realistic size and shape which isn’t too intimidating with the head measuring 5 inches in girth at its widest part.

Lovehoney Oh! Rabbit Realistic

For me this toy is all about the clitoral stimulator. As you can see in the photo, this is a rabbit vibe with an actual semi-realistic well, rabbit sat on it waiting to nuzzle your clitoris. Some find this cute, others creepy…I can personally deal with it as I really like the sensations the ears produce. The toy takes three AA batteries and has plenty to show for it – with fresh batteries in this bunny is a beast. I am not really a power queen in that I can’t just skip to the top speed on anything, I need a teasing build up. I find the first two speeds great for that initial warm up and the third is just glorious once I’m ready for it. Even after a few lengthy uses and the batteries have started to go it is still strong enough for me to reach orgasm.

I have yet to mention the rotating shaft and ‘stimulating beads’ simply because neither do anything for me so I never turn them on (they just make the toy extra noisy and drains the batteries quicker anyway). The shaft has three speeds and the option to change the direction of the rotation but it just feels slightly uncomfortable rather than pleasurable. The girth of the head and the shaft is nice to clench around but that’s about it but luckily this is enough for me, especially when I’m feeling lazy and don’t want to use use two toys and both hands to masturbate! I also don’t insert the shaft far enough in to be able to feel the beads so to me they’re a total waste of time. I remember when I first got the toy I was a bit gutted that it didn’t feel how I hoped it would, but now having tried a few other rotating toys I know my vagina just doesn’t get on with them. *sigh*

The only real problem I have with the toy is that the buttons are quite flat so hard to locate when there’s lube and fluids flying everywhere, and it’s also a bugger to turn off as once you’ve found it you have to hold the button down quite hard for a second or two longer than I find ideal – so it’s not the best toy to be using should someone suddenly barge in. I know from painful experience(s)…

It’s hard to recommend rabbit vibrators in particular as one size never fits all, but if you generally get on with them and want one made out of body safe materials with a wickedly powerful clitoral stimulator and decently girthy shaft then this could be the toy for you.

Update (14/01/15): I have now sadly parted ways with my Oh! Rabbit. I kept it for two and a half years which is a really good life for a battery powered vibe, and it was still working perfectly when I sent it off to Lovehoney’s recycling scheme (I just didn’t have room for or use it enough to justify keeping it anymore). The motor/quality of the vibrations didn’t diminish over time as other cheap vibes tend to (in my experience) so I don’t hesitate to still recommend this toy to someone who doesn’t want to spend a fortune but also want a strong, body safe rabbit vibe that isn’t going to die after a couple of months.

RRP: £32.99

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Value for Money:   4 Stars
Looks:   3 Stars
Build Quality:   4.5 Stars
Noise Level:   4 Stars
Strength of Vibrations:   4.5 Stars
Orgasm Rating:   5 Stars

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4 thoughts on “Review: Lovehoney Oh! Rabbit Realistic

  1. Felicia

    Hi! I have been in search for a rabbit vibrator to replace my jelly one- one just like this ! with rotating shaft and beads as well (I like to use all 3 at once) I was unsure if this was true silicone but glad to see you tested it! My question is do you know what material is over the bead area? I have read silicone can’t be translucent like that. I am not concerned if it is such a small portion but am curious. Thanks for a great review!

    1. Little Spoon Post author

      Hey! Silicone can be translucent, but it’s never crystal clear (like jelly). Silicone will always look a bit cloudy.
      As for this toy, it has an all over silicone skin, it’s just thicker at the head (where it’s solid colour) and thinner over the beaded portion, hence you can see through it a bit.
      Hope that’s helpful 🙂

  2. Boogaloo

    I’m looking to get this rabbit, and I think your review may have swayed me! I only have one rabbit, it does amazing things to me but it’s made of jelly, and after reading your ‘Body safe materials’ post I don’t think I’m in to that any more! Thank you for your useful insights as always 🙂

    1. Little Spoon Post author

      It really is a fab toy, I was sad to say goodbye to mine!
      LH have a £20 rabbit deal on atm including this one, you should definitely snap one up before the offer ends 🙂


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