Review: Sqweel Go

  • Silicone & plastic/USB Rechargeable/3 speeds 3 patterns/Waterproof/Water based lube ONLY

As someone who enjoyed the Sqweel 2 but also found it cumbersome, noisy and a bit of a vulva hog, when Lovehoney asked me to test the new addition to the Sqweel family, the Sqweel Go (the baby!), I leapt at the chance.

The packaging it comes in is very similar to that of the Sqweel 2 – nice and tasteful, white and pink cardboard box with product info down one side and clear plastic in the centre displaying the toy. A user guide and a USB charger cable come with the toy. My Sqweel Go is pink but it is also available in purple and white.

Sqweel Go

As you can see, the toy is a little bizarre looking – sort of like a mini handheld fan of tongues?! On examining them I found that the silicone tongues are far softer and more flexible with less ‘drag’ than those on the Sqweel 2 which is a good start. Another improvement is that the Sqweel Go is rechargeable (WOO!). The USB cable doesn’t come with a mains adaptor but if you don’t have one lying around then you can use a standard USB port on a computer. To charge you simply insert the charger into the bottom and a blue light will come on. Once fully charged the blue light turns off.

There is one large button on the toy which when pressed scrolls through the 3 speeds and 3 patterns and when held down switches the toy off.

In use I find the toy to be incredibly effective. With lube, I found the sensations produced were softer and gentler and a lot closer to what I prefer during the real thing – completely unexpected but very welcome discovery! The drastically smaller size makes the toy a lots easier to manoeuvre, get in the right place and then keep it there comfortably which is a huge improvement. With a little practice I easily reached orgasm and then a few times over. It makes my clit happy. So for me the Sqweel Go is a complete success!

However, like with the Sqweel 2, you will want to press it into yourself as you get closer which just slows the wheel down rather than providing firmer stimulation. You definitely have to have your technique down to really enjoy this toy instead of frustrating yourself.

There are three speeds and three patterns which I’m only mentioning because *dun dun duuuun* I actually LIKE the patterns. And I NEVER like the patterns. Go figure. And while not being close to silent it is miles quieter than the Sqweel 2 and as it doesn’t really sound like a vibrator I guess you can say it’s quite discreet in that respect?

My only gripe with it is it’s kind of tricky to clean the tongues as they’re pretty tiny and like to trap lube. I think my first Sqweel Go might have been a prototype and it turned out to have issues with water even though it was meant to be waterproof…so it died. Lovehoney were kind enough to send me out a replacement and this one has survived a few trips to the sink and I have been assured the issue is fixed with all Sqweel Gos on sale now.

RRP: £39.99

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars

Value for Money:   3 Stars
Looks:   4 Stars
Build Quality:   4 Stars
Noise Level:   2 Stars
Strength of Vibrations:   0 Stars
Orgasm Rating:   4.5 Stars

Available at Lovehoney

Visiting from the US? $59.99 at

I was sent the Sqweel Go by Lovehoney free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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