Review: Swan Feather

  •  Silicone/Rechargeable/Multiple Speeds/Waterproof/Lockable/Water based lube ONLY

I was delighted to receive this toy as I was in the process of converting my toy box to be rechargeables only and I hadn’t yet got round to replacing my old faithful, the Lovehoney Oh! Rabbit Realistic. The Feather looked like the toy for the job.

The box it comes in is lovely and sturdy and the graphics are tasteful but there is a large image of the toy on the front so isn’t as discreet as say, a LELO box so I haven’t kept it for storage. Inside is a black cardboard insert with the instruction booklet in, the toy, a charger with a few different adaptors and a large black storage pouch which is big enough to house both the toy and it’s charger. Straight out of the box, my Feather appeared to be fully charged but I popped it on charge for an hour anyway until the light went out indicating the toy is ready to play.

Swan Feather


It is a beautifully designed toy with its shape reminiscent (as its name suggests) of a feather. I wasn’t previously familiar with the Swan brand but on checking out the rest of the range, it seems they all come in a very vibrant shade of neon pink with no other colour options. This doesn’t bother me as I quite like pink but I know not everyone does. It is also a really nice, non-bulky size, particularly when compared to my Oh! Rabbit which is a clunky beast.

Straight out of the packaging the Feather had quite a strong unusual sweet smell to it. I was unsure if it was intentional or not but after a few thorough washes the smell has gone so I don’t think it’s the material that caused it.

The toy has two buttons, one to operate the vibrating shaft and one for the clit stim. To turn it on you simply press and hold the button until the vibrations are at the desired intensity. To turn it off you just click the button once and the vibrations stop. The ‘click and hold’ technique confused me at first because with all my other toys you just press the button to cycle through the settings. With the Feather I kept accidentally turning it off when trying to increase the speed, often at crucial moments. This was infuriating until I got my head around it and I’m sure a lot of other reviewers/frequent sex toy users will be with me on that. The Feather also has a locking feature which is always useful to have if you like to travel with sex toys – just hold both buttons down at the same time for four seconds and it will lock. You do exactly the same thing to unlock it.

In use I wasn’t quite ready for how powerful the vibrations from this little toy are – they are immense! At the time I originally reviewed The Feather I had yet to use a magic wand style vibe, but now I have I can definitely say that this is still a very powerful vibrator. Even on lower speeds I find the vibrations so powerful, especially when both the internal and external vibrators are engaged that it pretty much forces the orgasm out me before I’ve had time to enjoy the ‘journey’. Not entirely sure I actually like this feeling. The clitoral stimulator presses down on my clit very firmly which is great for times when I need very direct, strong stimulation, however this is not for the faint hearted (clitted?) and sometimes I have to stop as it’s just too much for me.

One really nice thing about the Feather is because of its shape, when inserted I can actually hold it in place with my internal muscles and almost use it hands free. I should probably point out that I seem to get lucky with dual stimulators/rabbit vibes as I’ve only met one that didn’t fit my anatomy well enough to do its job.

Overall I like this toy, but I don’t LOVE it. I expected I’d be sending my old Oh! Rabbit off to be recycled, however having dug it out for a comparison, I can’t part with it. When it comes to dual stimulators I just really prefer the classic teasing rabbit ears over the firm, direct vibrations from the Feather’s clit stim.

If you’re someone who doesn’t quite get enough from the average rabbit, this might be the toy for you. It is also one of the quietest vibrators I’ve ever used which is impressive considering its strength.

Update (14/01/15): I still have my Feather and have started to use it regularly again as I’ve really got into internal vibrations lately and this toy delivers. Unfortunately, I think it may be on its way out – the connection between the battery in the handle and the motor in the shaft has started failing mid use which sucks. I’ve had the toy since October 2013 which isn’t the longest time and if I’d bought it I wouldn’t be happy. I don’t remember if it came with a warranty and if it did I’ve lost all the info otherwise I’d be tempted to claim on it.

RRP: £99.99

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars

Value for Money:   3 Stars
Looks:   4.5 Stars
Build Quality:   5 Stars
Noise Level:   1 Stars
Strength of Vibrations:   5 Stars
Orgasm Rating:   5 Stars

Now discontinued at Lovehoney

Available at Simply Pleasure

I was sent the Swan Feather by Lovehoney free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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