Review: Adjustable Nipple Clamps with Chain

  • Metal & Rubber/Chain Length: 12 inches

Nipple play is one of my biggest kinks. I favour hard, rough stimulation; pinching, pulling, BITING… Yep, it’s all good. But when I’m alone, without my partner to do all that to me, I struggle a little bit. While I can actually lick and bite my own nipples (with a little bit of contortion, I’ll admit!) and am obviously able to pinch them, it just doesn’t do anything for me. In fact, I can hardly feel anything. You know how they say you can’t tickle yourself? Well. I can’t stimulate my own nipples!

This is where nipple clamps come into my playtime.

Adjustable Nipple Clamps with Chain

This set of clamps are your basic crocodile clip style clamps. Their packaging was nothing special – just a clear unbranded plastic bag – but I didn’t expect or really want much more than that. The clamps are tipped with little rubber sheaths to prevent injury and are joined together by a slim silver chain which measures approximately 12 inches. I love the look of these clamps, both off  (I’m a big black and silver fan so they tick that box!) and on as I think they’re quite flattering of my breasts

They are really easy to use. Just set the desired tension by turning the pin in the top of each clamp and apply to the nipple. I tend to just put them on the tightest setting and get on with it as that’s just what gets me off. In a D/s scene you could make more of a ‘ritual’ of the tightening process (start off loose and tighten as the scene progresses). I like the initial coldness of the chain on my skin and how it eventually warms to my body temperature. You can also pull on the chain which produces some really intense sensations, however I find the clamps have to be on tight otherwise they just ping off. . When on all fours it applies weight and pressure to the clamps which is also quite lovely, although the same ‘pinging rule’ applies.

My only gripe is that the rubber protectors do come off very easily, but only if you’re actually trying to remove them. I have yet to have one fall off while in use.

I don’t really use these very much when my partner is around (he prefers to use his teeth!) but I’d imagine these clamps would serve as an effective ‘torture’ instrument for a Dominant partner to use on their restrained sub.

RRP: £7.99

Available at Bondara

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  1. Candy Lyn

    I think that it’s the word adjustable that has me interested in these. I really enjoyed your view of the product.


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