Review: Ceramix No. 6

  • Ceramic/Waterproof/Insertable Length: 8 inches MaxCircumference: 5.5 inches/O-ring Diameter: 1.75 inches

From the first time I saw the Ceramix range of ceramic dildos and vibrators I just knew I had to own one. They’re all just so quirky and different, especially for a huge company like Pipedream. I am quite a fan of temperature play, and that coupled with the fact I am a slightly obsessive Tim Burton fan and lover of black and white stripy things made the Ceramix No. 6 the obvious choice!

Similar to Pipedream’s Icicles range, the Ceramix also come in beautiful, bold, informative packaging with a window displaying the toy nestled in its foam insert. It does not include a storage bag which is an annoyance so I’m storing my toy in a thick pair of socks for protection. As it’s not glass, I imagine it could chip comparatively easily which is not something I want to happen.

The toy itself looks great – it looks like it belongs in a Beetlejuice porn parody – I love it! One little niggle is that it is obviously hand-painted (I work in a pottery painting studio, so I notice these things), and the top stripe overlaps onto the ‘head’, which it doesn’t on the product photos. This is a tiny purely cosmetic defect which doesn’t *really* bother me that much (but I could have done a nicer job!)

Ceramix No. 6

The No. 6 is quite a lot bigger than what I usually go for in a toy. I have to confess that I mostly bought this for aesthetic reasons so kind of overlooked its size… It is rather substantial in both girth and length – that coupled with the fact that the material has absolutely no give to it meant I wasn’t sure I’d be able to take it at first. But with a little lube, some warming up and a little patience, it slid in with relative ease. I have to be honest and say that it was initially a bit uncomfortable and pokey but as I got more aroused and used to the size it definitely got better.

Like glass, the ceramic is so smooth that it just glides in and out with absolutely no drag. The curved tip and the overall girth of the dildo were fantastic for homing in on my G-spot. I find the curve of the head a little severe and the shaft is too straight so as a result, thrusting in and out is out of the question – it’s just not very ergonomic and catches my pubic bone too much to be pleasurable which disappointed me a bit. I find it best to instead insert it while on my knees, prop the base against a pillow and just clench/grind down on it and use my Tango on my clit.

A cool thing about the No. 6 and a few other toys in the Ceramix range is there is a removable plug in the bottom that means you can fill the toy up with whatever temperature water you feel like which makes this toy really unique for temperature play. I’m usually lazy and just use my glass toys cold out of the toy box rather than stick it in the fridge/in a bowl of warm water. I really liked the novelty factor of this toy so had to give filling it up a go a couple of times. The ceramic holds the temperature for a reasonable amount of time – a bit like a mug of tea. Although I normally prefer cold toys I did really enjoy the No.6 when warm. It’s more of a comforting sensation than an arousing one, like a hot water bottle for the vagina. I can see myself using this when things get a bit achey after vigorous sex or maybe during my period (I haven’t had one for ages due to contraception which is slightly annoying in the respect that I really want to test my theory!)

When filling it I strongly suggest making sure to fill it up as full as you can…it makes distracting sloshing noises otherwise. The water also adds some weight to it, which I found really satisfying as I love weighty insertables. Only issue I had was with the plug as it’s a bit of a pain in the arse to get out, but I guess that’s a good thing as there’s no way it’s going to come out during use and flood the bed!

As the base is flared it is ideal for use in a harness and safe for anal play, not that I could ever get anything this big and solid far enough up my arse for the flare to be useful *gulp*

Overall I think this toy is a really fun and unique. I’d never seen a ceramic toy that you can fill with water before, and I found that I rather enjoy that particular feature. If it was a little smaller and more curved then I’d probably use it more.

RRP: £34.99

Overall Rating: 3.5 Stars

Value for Money:   4 Stars
Looks:   4 Stars
Build Quality:   3 Stars
Noise Level:   0 Stars
Strength of Vibrations:   0 Stars
Orgasm Rating:   3 Stars

Available at Lovehoney

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3 thoughts on “Review: Ceramix No. 6

  1. Dana Martin

    I love the little review box at the bottom of all your reviews…how did you make or attach it?

    Also this toy is awesome looking I love the matching bag. I have been wanting to try a ceramic dildo are they all people make them out to be???

    1. LittleSpoon Post author

      I was offered one of the vibrators but I turned it down for something else. I’m so picky with vibes these days, if it’s not rechargeable I generally won’t give it a second glance, save for the Bettie Page one I just reviewed which was even more disappointing than I could have imagined!


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