Review: DOMINIX Deluxe Collar with Nipple Clamps

  • Leather & Metal/Fits Neck 15-20 inches

I love collars! I love nipple clamps! Here we see the two combined – what could possibly go wrong? Well…

As with all DOMINIX products I have experienced, this collar and clamps set comes in just a plain plastic packet. If it’s going to be presented as a gift, this will require some extra wrapping.

In the product description it says that the collar is adjustable between 15 – 20 inches which I thought could have been a misprint. I can report that this is indeed accurate – I got my tape measure out and everything! Now, I’m a larger lady but my neck is around 14″ and my partner is average and usually takes a 15″ collar in shirts. What I’m trying to say is, this collar is made for a pretty massive neck! I intend to punch some extra holes in when I’ve got a moment, so that it fits better and imagine this would be the case for most people, at least those with female bodies.

DOMINIX Deluxe Collar with Nipple Clamps

Quality-wise, it’s reasonable. The collar is just one layer of leather, nothing padded or fancy, but it is finished nicely. The inside is soft and the stitching is nice and neat, so it’s comfortable to wear. The metal work is shiny and has a nice weight to it.

The clamps are good quality if bigger than I anticipated (looking back at the product description they are noted as being ‘extra wide’ – which they are!) My nipples are, er, not huge or ‘long’ so I found no benefit in the clamps being ‘extra wide’. In fact, I found them a bit more likely to slip off when pulling the chains compared to my narrower set. The PVC tips on the clamps do not slide off during use as they can do on cheaper ones, neither (it is worth noting) do they come off if you try to remove them intentionally!

I would class myself as an intermediate to advanced user of nipple clamps and would give these a pain rating of 3.5/5 (with Clover clamps being a 5/5). They have a nice bite to them, but I don’t bother adjusting the tension and just keep them on the tightest setting permanently.

Visually, on me this set doesn’t really look as good as it could which is my main problem. I have very large breasts and the chains are only just about long enough to reach my nipples with a little bit to spare. I personally think it would look better on a smaller bust with the chains hanging ‘around and under’ the breasts, kind of framing them (if that makes sense). I imagine this set would look great on a male body, but I have yet to ‘persuade’ my partner into trying clamps…

Overall, this is a nice set, but I don’t think it looks as amazing as it could on me because of the boob issue. Due to this and the size of the collar I think it’s more intended to those with male bodies. Also, the clamps aren’t the most intense in the world, but then again I do have a very high pain threshold.

RRP: £22.99

Now discontinued.

I was sent the DOMINIX Deluxe Collar with Nipple Clamps by Lovehoney free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
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