Review: L’Amourose Denia

  • Silicone/Waterproof/Mains Rechargeable/Multiple Speeds & Patterns
  • Insertable Length: 5.5 inches Max. Circumference: 4.75 inches

L’Amourose is still a comparatively unknown maker of luxury silicone sex toys. However, their Rosa G-spot and prostate vibrator has been making waves among reviewers over at the Lovehoney forum for its super powerful vibrations. When the opportunity came up to test the Denia, a dual stimulating clitoral and G-spot vibrator, I was SO excited.

First off, the packaging is impressive – definitely on par with LELO. The Denia comes in a gorgeous matte black cardboard box secured with a ribbon. Inside is the toy, standing on its charging dock, along with a velvety storage bag, charging cable (mine came with a UK plug), instruction manual and warranty card. The toy itself is absolutely beautiful. Mine is a lovely shade of plum with L’Amourose’s trademark black ‘cut diamond’ style base. The silicone is soft and seamless with just a little more drag than my LELO Ella.

To charge the Denia you simply plug in the charger and stand the toy in its charging dock until the light stops blinking. This is really straight forward if not the most discreet thing to have sat around while it charges for an hour or so. As the toy charges via magnetic contact points on the bottom, it is a sealed unit and therefore totally waterproof. The buttons are under the silicone and indicated by a + and -, which are for adjusting the intensity, with a yin and yang symbol in the middle which changes the pattern.

This is the one of the strongest vibrators I have ever used, second only to the Lovehoney Deluxe Magic Wand, and definitely the strongest rechargeable one. Like the wand, even on the first setting you can tell how deep and rumbly the vibrations are, particularly from the insertable shaft which has a slightly stronger motor than the one in the clitoral arm.

L'Amourose Denia

The first time I used the toy I was a bit too eager to see how these epic vibrations would feel and turned it up far too high too soon and just numbed myself which left me disappointed. I know I don’t need an excessive amount of power to get me off so going numb was entirely my fault for getting over excited!

The next couple of times I tried it I was having quite a severe PMS episode (I didn’t know that was the problem at the time as my contraception has all but stopped my periods, the emphasis being on the ‘all but’), so things downstairs weren’t feeling quite right or responding in their usual way. When I finally reached orgasm I had a big cry and decided I hated the toy, which was again not its fault, just my silly hormonal vagina being a drama queen! A few days later when I was feeling a bit more reasonable, I decided to give the Denia its second or third chance…and it absolutely blew my socks off!

The thing I like the most about the Denia is the shape and size of the insertable part. It sort of hooks itself round underneath my pubic bone, settles against my G-Spot and just stays there and I find it is girthy enough to be filling. Usually I like a bit of movement there but with intense vibrations like these it just stays there and does the job. I had never orgasmed from internal vibrations before this toy – now I can totally see why everyone is raving about the Rosa. L’Amourose have definitely got a thing going here.

The clitoral stimulator again is really powerful and I can get off using the toy with the shaft turned off. For me it could be a little longer but I’m just being picky. The toy has ‘Flex and Shift Technology’ which I thought would be more of a fancy function (something like having a button to press and bits would bend like with the Je Joue G-Kii2) but all it really means is the clit stim and shaft are moderately flexible in order to accommodate differently proportioned vulvas.

I thought this was a bit rubbish at first as I just couldn’t get the clitoral stimulator to be comfortable, even with it ‘flexing’ (I was pressing it into my body and as the toy is quite rigid this was too ‘proddy’). With some experimentation though I found a way of holding the toy with my finger looped under the clit arm, lifting it slightly while still having another finger on the controls. When the whole toy is inserted it can stay in its place hands free so having to focus on holding onto the clit stim the whole time isn’t really any extra bother. Basically, it was a faff finding a way of holding the Denia so that it could do both of its intended jobs without it prodding bits uncomfortably as it’s really not the most ergonomic of toys, but there is a definite technique and it is definitely worth persevering with.

The clitoral stimulation accompanied by the amazing internal vibrations make for some seriously impressive blended orgasms. I honestly thought I’d become quite a pro at giving myself blended orgasms for some time, however having experienced one from the Denia I’m now reassessing that claim.

I don’t usually care much for toys with patterns and normally just keep them on the constant vibration setting, however the ones the Denia has really impressed me. They all alternate between the shaft and the clit stim at different frequencies (something I hadn’t experienced before with a dual stimulator) and can have their intensity altered the same way as the constant vibration setting. The one that alternates really quickly caught me by surprise while I was experimenting at its highest intensity and I actually had no choice but to orgasm!

Update (24/11/14): So one night the clitoral stimulator was just doing nothing for me when I had a brain wave. I turned the Denia round so that the clit stim was by my butt (to my delight everything lined up perfectly) and whipped out my new Tango for my clit. Oh my God. The combination of amazing deep vibrations covering all bases is awesome, and this is now my favourite use for the Denia. If you find you don’t get on with the clit stim, try this!

It’s not really a negative point but I’ll say it anyway; because of the power I find I have to make sure I’m really aroused before I reach for this toy. The first time when I went a bit over board not only numbed me but afterwards my clit felt really sore and a little raw. It took a few days for everything to return to normal. This is entirely my fault for being overzealous and possibly not lubed up enough. It hasn’t happened since but still, be careful with this one guys, in the wrong hands it can be aggressive!

This might be an odd thing to mention, but ladies with a little extra tummy might struggle to be able to reach this toy in use as the controls are very close to the body, so something with a proper handle may be more beneficial (perhaps check out the LELO Ina 2). I’m plus size (a UK16) and sometimes find it hard or uncomfortable to reach the unit while it’s inside me. I just might have short arms and not have realised it though!

The controls also bug me a bit as they’re the under the silicone type and are only indicated by tiny raised symbols in the silicone. Once lube is involved it is very hard to locate the correct button. I find it best to locate them before inserting the toy and then just not moving my fingers. If you have a partner around they should be able to see and adjust the setting for you.

As the Denia is totally waterproof it can be used in the bath or shower and is a doddle to clean. Just be careful that it is fully dry before putting it on charge. For its power level it is really quiet once inserted.

Overall, I am pretty impressed with this toy and brand. It is everything you’d expect of a luxury toy of its price tag really. As with all dual stimulators there’s a chance it might not fit your body but that’s just the chance you have to take with this sort of toy (although I’ve only met one so far that didn’t suit me). I personally don’t NEED the level of power this toy puts out but oh my god, do I enjoy it when I’m in the right mood!

RRP: £139.99

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Value for Money:   3 Stars
Looks:   5 Stars
Build Quality:   5 Stars
Noise Level:   2 Stars
Strength of Vibrations:   5 Stars
Orgasm Rating:   5 Stars

The L’Amourose Denia is available to buy from

 Visiting from the US? $224.99 at

I was sent the L’Amourose Denia by Lovehoney free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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8 thoughts on “Review: L’Amourose Denia

  1. Revé

    Were you able to actually penetrate your butt when you turned it around, or did it just provide external anal stimulation? Do you think one would be able to use the larger arm for anal penetration and still get some decent vaginal stimulation from the smaller arm?

    1. Little Spoon Post author

      No, I didn’t try any actual anal penetration, just let the clit arm sit there and do its thing.
      Hmm, interesting question. I really don’t know how that would work in practice. Just looking at the toy now, I think it would be a little uncomfortable for me personally. If I decide to try it I will update my review – sorry I can’t be of that much help here 🙁

  2. rudaon

    oh this one was published last year but still i havent seen it. my supplier never showed me this product. let me enquire my supplier to include on my eCommerce website . thanks

    1. LittleSpoon Post author

      I haven’t seen it on a lot of UK sites to be fair.
      You should definitely get it (and other L’Amourose toys) up on yours though as they’re brill 🙂

  3. Karen

    Due to age and meds I take, I have difficulty with orgasms. I have tried several high end toys but the Denia blew me away.almost literally! My god it vibrates the whole area and lulls me into orgasms.I am so glad I invested the money. My husband has named it “finally”, because he is so happy I have finally found a toy that makes me estatic during our sex play.

  4. Camryn Jones

    I adore power and rumbly vibrations, so this sounds like just the sort of vibrator I’m looking for!
    Thank you for mentioning the controls; I appreciate the heads up.

    1. LittleSpoon Post author

      It’s great, but it’s all about the internal vibrations. I’d love to get the Rosa (the version of this toy that’s just the shaft) and the We Vibe Tango together some time!


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