Review: Key by Jopen Comet G Wand

  • Silicone & Glass/Insertable Length: 6 inches Max. Circumference: 5 inches

The Comet G Wand was one of the first toys I bought after discovering the online sex toy reviewing community. Everyone LOVES this thing. I found that the Comet, the LELO Ella and the nJoy Pure Wand are widely considered to be the holy trinity of G-Spot/squirting dildos and have made it my mission to own them all! (Still saving for a Pure Wand though…)

I was extremely fortunate and just happened across the Comet while it was on sale on the Ann Summers website and snapped it up for the bargain of £25, half the price of all the other UK stores I could find stocking it. This was a good day!

Key by Jopen Comet G Wand

When I finally got round to picking it up from the store, got it home and took it out of its nicely presented packaging, it was pretty much love at first touch. The Comet G Wand is made out of a combination of my all time favourite toy materials, glass and silicone. As you can see in the picture, the handle is clear purple tinted glass and the insertable part is silky soft silicone (it is also available in raspberry pink and robin’s egg blue colourways). On examining it more closely, it appears that the glass handle actually extends most of the way up the shaft under the silicone skin but the (amazing) bulbous tip itself is just very firm silicone.

When I put this thing in my vagina I had my first ever ‘the heavens opened and angels sang’ moment with a sex toy. This thing is absolutely PERFECT for hitting my G-Spot. I mean… it’s perfect. The curve is just the right angle to hook around my pubic bone (fair enough, I do have to be a bit warmed up before going for it as insertion can be a little uncomfortable without) and that glorious ball on the end is like a G-Spot homing missile. It just can’t miss and it doesn’t let go, it’s so intense! Although the silicone isn’t as grabby as some, I still prefer to use a fair bit of lube while trying to accomodate the Comet.

Because of the size difference between the tip and the shaft and rigidity of the materials, this is really not a thrusting ‘in and out’ dildo – that’s just asking for trouble. I find it better to ‘rock’ it by pressing down on the handle rhythmically which causes the tip to bounce up into my G-Spot (sort of like a see-saw!) or to use a kind of ‘ice cream scooping’ motion (um, really hope that makes sense!). Either way, with a little force I can orgasm with ease without the need for clitoral stimulation which is something I can usually only achieve while being properly fucked by my partner, not by myself with a toy. This for me just illustrates how great and well designed this toy is. Nine times out of ten I also experience squirting… multiple times. I also find that the Comet is a great dildo for using with my partner in charge as they can’t really go wrong with it anyway, but can also get a little bit more force behind it than I can which is obviously amazing. The only slight negative I can think of is after so many orgasms, removing the toy can be a bit uncomfortable and sore as my stubborn vag just doesn’t want to let it go!

Honestly, I can really say much more than that. The Comet is a toy designed for one thing (intense G-Spot stimulation) and boy, does it deliver. In buckets. Get one!

RRP: £69.99

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Value for Money:   4 Stars
Looks:   4.5 Stars
Build Quality:   5 Stars
Noise Level:   0 Stars
Strength of Vibrations:   0 Stars
Orgasm Rating:   5 Stars

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Visiting from the US? $74.99 at SheVibe

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