Review: Tantus Vamp

  • Silicone/Insertable Length: 6 1/2 inches Circumference: 5 inches/O-ring Diameter: 2 inches

The Tantus Vamp was the first product I bought by Tantus and it got me totally hooked. I can now truly appreciate a dildo made of quality silicone. Odourless, tasteless, completely body friendly, sterilisable… it really is the biz! Read more about this wonderful company and their products over on their site.

The Vamp is a semi realistic dildo in that it is clearly penis shaped, yet lacks any real detail and the head is a little exaggerated. I don’t really go for realistic dildos generally because as much as I love cocks, dismembered hyper realistic ones are just a bit of a turn off really. I like the design of the Vamp as it isn’t trying to hard to look like it’s fallen off someone’s groin and I think the ultra pale, shimmery flesh tone is quite pretty. Oh, I might as well throw this out there now – as much as I love vampires and the whole mythology of them, this had absolutely no impact on why I bought the toy. Twilight? Ew. That is all.


My Vamp came in Tantus’ standard clear plastic box with the dildo contained within a plastic clamshell. Not in the slightest bit discreet, but perfectly tasteful. I considered keeping it for storage but it was too much of a ball ache getting it out and putting it away again so I just keep the toy in a satin drawstring bag to protect it as Tantus’ shiny silicone is a renowned lint magnet. Do not underestimate the amount of cat hair this baby can pick up while your back is turned!

Another characteristic of Tantus’ shiny silicone is that it is pretty firm, certainly much firmer than a real cock. This combined with the Vamp’s particularly girthy head and pronounced coronal ridge actually intimidated me a little! The reason I decided on this particular dildo is because the dimensions on paper, while larger than average, are similar to those of my partner (in fact, we compared and measured and at ‘full mast’ he’s a little larger than the Vamp) but the extra firmness of the silicone and absence of any curve made it seem like more of a challenge.

When I first tried to insert the toy vaginally I really wasn’t totally convinced I would manage it, but once I relaxed a bit more it popped in with ease. The head does create and actual ‘popping’ sensation as it slips behind the pubic bone which I know some people find uncomfortable, particularly when thrusting. As the Vamp is straight rather than curved, I didn’t struggle with this as much as I thought I would. In fact, once I’m completely warmed up, I can thrust with reckless abandon, sliding it all the way out and back in again. Due to the lack of curve, I didn’t expect to get much G-spot stimulation from this toy but yet again, it surprised me as the head is substantially firm and filling enough that it can produce some really intense sensations when angled correctly. Yum.

Like all Tantus dildos, the Vamp has a nice wide base that make it harness compatible and anal safe. I can’t comment one how it behaves in a harness but I did manage to take it anally once which was pretty intense. I’d advise doing a lot of prep before trying to take the head as the firmness is pretty unforgiving but, as the shaft is slimmer, once you’re past that it’s pretty plain sailing. The shaft has very little texture which I couldn’t feel vaginally or anally.

The Vamp is super easy to take care of, simply wash with soap and warm water. As with all Tantus silicone, it can also be cleaned with a 10% bleach solution or boiled should you need to sterilise it prior to sharing/switching orifices, or simply use a new condom for each person/hole.

Overall, this is a pretty great ‘above average’ sized, semi-realistic dildo. I can’t knock a thing about it’s looks, material or quality as Tantus always hit the ball right out of the park in that respect. It’s size would make it an ideal step up towards larger toys, whether training to become a ‘size queen’ in either orifice. Some may find it a bit harsh at first as it is quite big and firm but I found my body adjusted to this new sensation very quickly.

RRP: $48.14

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Value for Money (Rip Off 0 – 5 Bargain):   5 Stars
Looks (Ugly 0 – 5 Beautiful):   5 Stars
Build Quality (Pile of Crap 0 – 5 Top of the Line):   5 Stars
Noise Level (Silent 0 – 5 Loud):   0 Stars
Strength of Vibrations (Weak 0 – 5 Powerful):   0 Stars
Orgasm Rating (Didn’t Come 0 – 5 Sent Me Through the Roof!):   4 Stars

Buy your own direct from Tantus today!

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6 thoughts on “Review: Tantus Vamp

  1. chcbrd09

    “In the flesh”. Heh. (Sorry.)

    Uhm, having no experience with real penises… Would the Vamp resemble some fleshy fruit in a certain state of ripeness perhaps? Does that make sense? (The only other firmness comparison ‘tool’ I can think of right now is touching various places on the human body, but bodies vary, so that’s very vague.)

  2. chcbrd09

    I thought I’d prefer the purple Vamp more… but now I saw this picture and the cream is so gorgeous… Though I’m still afraid of the size.

    The “Yum.” made me smile. Great that the head isn’t there just for looks 😉

    1. Little Spoon Post author

      The cream option really is stunning in the flesh (it’s way paler and less yellowy than normal Tantus Cream). The size isn’t that intimidating, it’s the firmness that can make it feel a bit harsh/way bigger than it actually is. Definitely doesn’t feel like a real penis.


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