Review: LELO Mona 2

  • Silicone & ABS plastic/Rechargeable/Waterproof/Multiple Speeds & Patterns
  • Insertable Length: 4.75 inches Circumference: 4.5 inches

Well. What can I say?

The LELO Mona 2 holds a legendary status among bloggers as being one of the best overall vibrators out there. It is highly praised for its versatility, performing equally well as both a clit and G-spot vibe, even by the most notoriously discerning vaginas.

But what would mine think of it? Read on…

The Mona 2 arrives in standard LELO packaging – a thick black cardboard box contained within a coloured sleeve corresponding with the colour toy you selected with a picture of the toy on the front. As a reviewer I’m pretty immune to it now, but it is luxurious and classy and I can’t really fault it. The Mona also comes with a mains charger cable (mine has a UK plug, make sure to purchase your Mona from a dealer in your country to ensure you get the correct charger), a sachet of LELO’s own lube, an instruction manual, warranty card and a black storage pouch.


The Mona 2 itself is a gorgeous toy. Mine is red, a comparatively unusual colour in the sex toy world, but it is also available in cerise and purple should you prefer. The silicone skin of the shaft is silky smooth, lacks drag and barely attracts any dust and fuzz. Basically, it’s a dream. The handle is made of white, glossy ABS plastic which is nice enough. My only minor complaint is the buttons – I’m not sure what they’re are made of as they seem a little too sticky for silicone and they do attract fluff and just generally get a bit grubby easily.

Your Mona 2 will need plugging in to charge for around two hours before its first use.

When I first handled my Mona 2 and switched it on I was… a little underwhelmed. I don’t know, I guess I was just expecting a bit ‘more’ from such a hyped sex toy. However when I actually used it all previous opinions were shattered. My vulva is apparently a better judge of character than my hands!

The Mona 2’s vibrations are moderate to strong. They’re not an overwhelming magic wand level of rumbly, neither are they ‘angry bees in a gourd’ style buzzy. They are a pleasant medium leaning more towards the rumbly side and will definitely be strong enough for most users. I don’t consider myself to be much of a power queen and the Mona 2 on top setting is usually just the perfect strength for me to have a satisfying clitoral orgasm. The vibrations aren’t silent but they’re aren’t offensively noisy either and I doubt they can be heard through a closed door with the toy under the duvet.

The shape is my favourite thing about this toy and is what makes it so versatile. It feels like it has been sculpted specifically to fit my vagina and target my G-spot but then it also cups and cradles my vulva perfectly. The pointed tip aids insertion but can also provide more pinpoint clitoral stimulation. The bulge in the shaft caresses my G-spot with little additional angling required. It isn’t a small toy but I find it doesn’t get in the way during PIV sex (usually rear entry, but it is possible to use it in other positions) should I want some additional clitoral vibrations, plus the vibrations are strong enough for my partner to feel inside me. It is so ergonomic and easy to use that my partner can use it effortlessly on me, internally or externally, and produce amazing results.

It is really easy to clean as it is waterproof so you can just rinse it off under the tap with some toy cleaner. Simples. There is a teeny tiny seam between where the silicone and the plastic meet, but its barely noticeable and doesn’t trap lube and fluids like the seam on my Siri 2 does, so doesn’t require any specialist tools (by which I mean an old toothbrush!) to clean.

For me, it just hits all the spots. It doesn’t always hit them spectacularly hard I’ll admit (this is probably just down to me having an ‘off’ day or two!) and it would be nice if it could be just a little bit stronger… but I don’t need it to be and it hasn’t failed me yet! I just find the Mona 2 to be an absolute delight to use. I might even be addicted. I had to spend a few days away from home and I actually found myself pining for it!

Due to its overall outstanding reputation, this iconic sex toy must work for many others as well as it does for me, so I do not hesitate recommending giving it a shot. It is so versatile that if it doesn’t work for you one way then it may well in another. It is made of 100% body safe materials, has a great range of speeds and settings (I even use the patterns when using the vibe internally), is super user friendly, waterproof so great if you enjoy taking toys in the bath/shower and rechargeable… Nope, I can’t really fault it.

[Update 20/10/15: LELO have recently put there prices up, so sadly the Mona 2 now costs £20 more than it did at the time I wrote this review. I’m gutted.]

RRP: £108.95

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Value for Money (Rip Off 0 – 5 Bargain):   4 Stars
Looks (Ugly 0 – 5 Beautiful):   5 Stars
Build Quality (Pile of Crap 0 – 5 Top of the Line):   5 Stars
Noise Level (Silent 0 – 5 Loud):   2 Stars
Strength of Vibrations (Weak 0 – 5 Powerful):   4 Stars
Orgasm Rating (Didn’t Come 0 – 5 Sent Me Through the Roof!):   5 Stars

Available from the fab folks at


 I was sent the LELO Mona 2 by free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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      That… That is either mildly terrifying or terribly ingenious. (Alternatively, we can hope LELO learns from the Mona ‘Flop’ Wave, and puts a stronger motor/better battery combo inside the next Mona, and maybe something useful if there’s space left; not fancy schmancy functions that don’t work well.)


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