Review: L’Amourose Rosa

  • Silicone coated ABS plastic/Rechargeable/Waterproof/Multiple Speeds & Patterns
  • Insertable Length: 5.5 inches Max. Circumference: 4.75 inches

This is it. The L’Amourose Rosa has set the bar by which I shall judge vibrators from now on. The power, the shape, the aesthetics – it ticks all my boxes twice. I wish everyone could own one but that’s where the problem lies… that price tag.

Back when I reviewed the Denia, L’Amourose were a little known company but they are now making waves in the industry and among esteemed sex bloggers, particularly with their other vibrators, the Rosa and Rosa Rouge. The Rosa Rouge is exactly the same as the Rosa only it heats up and costs more. This review is for the regular Rosa, mostly because I couldn’t resist the fact that is comes in a gorgeous green!

L’Amourose’s packaging is pretty stunning – all luxurious, thick, matte black cardboard and hell they’ve even wrapped it up in a ribbon! I’m a sucker for a sexy box, for me it really adds to the experience of owning a high end toy. Inside is the Rosa perched upon its charging dock, a mains charging cable, a velvety storage bag, a warranty card (L’Amourose has an 18 month warranty AND lifetime guarantee after that which gives you 50% discount off a new toy when yours dies, so definitely register it!), instruction manual and sachet of lube.

The Rosa is a beautiful piece of sculpture as well as a toy. I really am quite smitten. The silicone is exactly what you’d expect from a high quality product; it’s wonderfully soft and smooth with only a bit of drag. As I’ve already mentioned, the emerald green option is the best thing ever but the Rosa is also available in the less exotic options of black and pink. All have the trademark ‘black diamond’ base.

To charge the Rosa, simply sit it in its charging dock and plug the cable into the base. The centre button will flash until the toy is fully charged. Exactly like the Denia, the Rosa operates via three buttons (+, – and mode in the middle) which are under the silicone and indicated by the corresponding slightly raises symbols.

Note: The Rosa is marketed as both a G-spot and prostate massager. I can only comment on what it’s like as a G-spot toy, for a male perspective check out this review.

L'Amourose RosaRight then. I already knew I was going to love the vibrations on this thing as the Denia changed the way I feel about internal vibes forever. The Rosa certainly did not disappoint me. The vibrations in the shaft and deep, thuddy and oh so rumbly. They are the strongest vibrations that I’ve encountered in a non-mains vibe to date. When talking about internal vibrations I often say I want my G-spot to feel like it’s caught up in an earthquake. I need the force of a natural disaster in my vag and the Rosa is most certainly the toy for that job.

As I already knew from my experience with the Denia, the shaft of the Rosa (which is identical to that of the Denia) is a really good size and shape for me. The bulbous tip hooks round my pubic bone to cling on to my G-spot. It looks a bit severe but I find it very comfortable. Also I can clench around it and it stays in position handsfree which is pretty neat.

For me it works fantastically as a clit vibe as well. It feels similar to the Tango in terms of intensity only the tip offers slightly broader stimulation and I find the vibrations to be just that bit more penetrating. I often reserve the Rosa for the end of a long session when my clit is perhaps a little desensitised and needs just that bit more or when I know I’m only going to go once and want something deep and satisfying.

Okay, now for the few minor niggles. Firstly, I really dislike the ‘under the silicone’ buttons as they’re not easy to find or press as soon as the toy is in and lube is involved. My partner also struggled with them when using it on me. As much as I love the beautiful diamond base, it would be a little more practical and user friendly with a proper handle. People with reach issues may struggle with this toy.

The other this is the ‘flex and shift technology’. This sounds like it’s going to be really fancy but really it just means that the neck of the shaft is flexible. This extra flexibility works for the Denia as dual stimulators need a bit of room to move to accommodate differently proportioned vulvas. With the Rosa (which is sort of a dual stimulator but more on that in a sec), the flexibility is a bit frustrating. I can’t push the toy into my G-spot as hard as I like to with my Mona 2 as it just bends away. As a result of this and the shape being a little too harsh to thrust, I admit I can sometimes struggle to orgasm using the Rosa without some extra clitoral stimulation to help things along. This doesn’t impact as strongly on when I use the Rosa clitorally, but I do use a lot of pressure and have noticed a couple of times that if bent too much, the vibrations kind of judder for a second which is slightly worrying.

About those ‘dual stimulator’ claims: yes, the Rosa has two motors, one in the shaft and one in the base. The motor in the base is considerable weaker than the shaft and if I try to feel it on my clit when the shaft is rumbling away then I really don’t notice much. It’s not a problem for me as I have plenty of room to get my Tango or Touch to my clit to do the job, however I have read a few reviews that say there isn’t enough room to do that, so I’m going to guess that it’s variable due to anatomy. I have a shallow G-spot so I don’t need the whole shaft inserted whereas those with deeper G-spots might need it base deep.

And now… the price tag. I absolutely HATE harping on about how great something is when it is well over £100 but… I really do love it. This is one of the few toys that have made my list of stuff I would actually save up for or replace when it dies (others being the We-Vibe Tango and the LELO Mona 2). Like the Mona 2, it does a lot of great things to me and if I had to pick just one toy to use for the rest of my life it would definitely be one of them. The Mona 2 is about £40 cheaper and has a handle that I much prefer, but the Rosa has that extra rumble and power that gets me off when nothing else can (save my mains powered Doxy or Eroscillator).

If you find yourself with the extra cash and have your heart set on a Rosa, I say go for it. This is a top quality, beautiful piece of art and technology that yields fantastic orgasms time and time again.

RRP: £129.99

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Value for Money (Rip Off 0 – 5 Bargain):   2.5 Stars
Looks (Ugly 0 – 5 Beautiful):   5 Stars
Build Quality (Pile of Crap 0 – 5 Top of the Line):   5 Stars
Noise Level (Silent 0 – 5 Loud):   2.5 Stars
Strength of Vibrations (Weak 0 – 5 Powerful):   5 Stars
Orgasm Rating (Didn’t Come 0 – 5 Sent Me Through the Roof!):   5 Stars

Available at Pasante and

Visiting from the US? $209.99 at or $179.99 at SheVibe 

  I was sent the L’Amourose Rosa by Pasante free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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12 thoughts on “Review: L’Amourose Rosa

  1. J

    Mm, I’ve heard really good things about this one! Glad you dug it, and I agree with the other commenters–green is great! To bad about the price though. Based on the base, I imagine it would work for anal play as well?

  2. Rubyperilous

    I too lust after the jade and would sacrifice all the heat in the world for colour.I can’t tell you how many times I have read this review whist deciding between the Denia or the Rosa.
    I give up so am just going to ask if you could only have one which would it be as one just has to come home now?

    1. Little Spoon Post author

      Honestly, I get FAR more use out of my Rosa as it’s so much more versatile.
      The Denia is lovely and works for me the majority of the time, but I’m always reluctant to recommend a dual stimulator as there’s a high chance of the toy not fitting individual female anatomy.
      Get a Rosa 🙂

      1. Rubyperilous

        The Rosa it will be then, it almost seemed a tragedy to miss out on something green. The reason I kept swinging towards the Denia was due to some fantasy of driving off to dull old grocery shopping trips with a Denia staying in place. The reality is that it could just end up proddy rather than passionate one so thank you so much for helping that decision & yeah for jade!

        1. Little Spoon Post author

          To be honest, you stand more chance getting the Rosa to stay in place (don’t forget there is a motor in the base for dual stim, works for some but not really for me!)
          Anyway, enjoy your new toy 🙂

  3. lovebirds_x

    Ah you have the beautiful green one! If a certain online retailer stocked this in green I’d have bought it already haha. I’m one of these odd people where colour actually does make a difference so…no Rosa for me just yet!

  4. chcbrd09

    I’m sighing dreamily after the rumbling vibrations (and not-pink-not-violet-not-black colour option), though from what you’re saying, I was hoping the shaft wasn’t *that* flexible… Also, yeah, the price tag puts tears in my eyes :c (Well, I should get Mona 2 first anyway, shouldn’t I.)

    “The motor in the shaft is considerable weaker than the shaft …” — I think you meant the base in the first instance here? 🙂


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