Review: LELO Mona Wave

  • Silicone coated ABS plastic/Rechargeable/Waterproof/Multiple Speeds & Patterns/Unique Wave Motion Function
  • Insertable Length: 4.75 inches Circumference: 4.5 inches

I’m not gonna lie, this review has taken me forever to put together.

The Mona Wave is one of two new toys (the other being the Ina Wave) released by LELO using their “Wave Motion” technology which is designed to imitate that ‘come hither’ motion often sited as the best method of stimulating the G-Spot with a finger.

The LELO Mona 2 is one of my favourite vibrators of all time and is beloved of many a discerning vagina. It is one of my go to toys for both clitoral and G-Spotting – it just does it all for me. To say the Mona Wave was highly anticipated by myself and fellow sex bloggers would be… an understatement, to say the least. Given LELO’s recent run of producing toys that are average at best, extremely disappointing at worst and using ‘innovation for innovation’s sake’ (I’m looking at you, Ida, Tara, Ora, Ora 2…) I was worried that they could have ruined one of their most popular and well loved products.

I unwrapped my Mona Wave with bated breath. The packaging is standard LELO quality; a sturdy black cardboard box ideal for storing your toy when not in use, enclosed within a thinner cardboard sleeve with the ‘Wave’ graphics and rather questionable slogan (“The orgasm to end all orgasms” – huh? Why would you want to “end all orgasms”?) on. Along with the toy you get a mains charger (be sure to purchase your toy from a dealer that stocks the charger for your region), lube sachet, warranty card and storage bag.

LELO Mona WaveThe Mona Wave looks very similar to the Mona 2. It is the same glorious, curvy shape and size and the shaft is coated in LELO’s beautiful, buttery soft silicone. The Mona Wave comes in black, deep rose (a rich pinky purple) and midnight blue. I HAD to have a blue one as it is a comparatively rare colour in the sex toy world, plus it matches my hair (and nothing feels quite as good as when your hair/make up/nails or outfit match your sex toy!)

Visually, the main differences between the Mona 2 and the Wave are the handle and the control panel. Instead of shiny ABS plastic, the handle of the Mona Wave is now also coated in silicone. I’m pretty indifferent to the change of material, especially as there is still a seam where the blue meets the white which requires attention when cleaning. The control panel now has an extra button in the centre which serves as an on/off/kill it quick, someone’s coming! switch which I do like. The buttons are now under the silicone skin instead of being raised which makes the toy look sleeker but definitely makes it more difficult to operate under the covers. This actually doesn’t bother me as much as I thought it might as I only really use one setting (it’s either the constant vibration + Wave Motion or just the Wave Motion by itself) throughout the whole session, and then the toy has a ‘memory’ function so it ‘remembers’ what setting you last used. I usually HATE this feature when a clit vibe has it (as I want to start at the lowest intensity and work my way up every time, no exceptions) but it actually suits the Mona Wave.

Right, brace yourself for the major flaw. For whatever bizarre reason… the Mona Wave is not as powerful as the Mona 2. In fact it’s pretty buzzy and not very powerful at all. I tried, but I couldn’t be bothered to use it long enough to force an orgasm out of my clit when my Mona 2 is just sitting there waiting for me. LELO says it’s the same motor in both toys, but so far everyone in the sex toy reviewing community has unanimously agreed that it’s NOT. WHHHHHHHYYYYY??! Not gonna lie, I was pretty distraught.

Anyway, onto the Mona Wave’s USP, the only reason I’m still sticking around here… that Wave Motion.


I… actually really like it. But I shouldn’t. It’s so sloooow. It only has two speeds – slow and er, slower (in that order, WTF). The movement isn’t actually that extreme, it’s just a little wiggle really. And it makes a stupid fucking noise. But to me it feels pretty damn good. Yep, I was shocked too!

Let me explain. I have a bad relationship with most other toys that have moving parts, e.g. rabbits with rotating shafts. I LOVE that idea on paper but in practice I can hardly feel a thing. Or if I can feel something, as I get more aroused my PC muscles clamp down and stop that wiggly shaft (and all sensation) in its tracks.

The Wave is somehow different. The Wave manages to keep on waving. The tempo of the faster speed is just perfect for me. When being fingered I prefer a firm yet gentle massage rather than a vigorous pounding to reach orgasm, usually (but not always) accompanied with some form of clitoral stimulation. I think the Mona Wave emulates that sensation quite well. I can’t come using just the Mona Wave by itself, but it is a wondrous addition to my super lazy masturbation style. I sometimes find it difficult to thrust with toys as I’m weirdly proportioned and it’s like my arms aren’t quite long enough, and sometimes I just want to lie there and have things done to me. The Mona Wave moves by itself, all I have to do it press down on the handle with one hand (otherwise the handle does the waving) with a clit vibe in the other and… I’m very happy. The sensation reminds me of this glorious grinding thing my partner does during sex when we’re going slow during missionary. The Mona Wave is the only toy I’ve tried so far that has come close to replicating that particular feeling and I’m very fond of it for that. Then when I do reach the resulting earth shattering orgasm, the Wave actually moves at the same tempo as my vaginal muscles contract which prolongs the ecstasy. Aw. Yeeah.

I should mention – I’ve been using this toy quite regularly for the last couple of months and have noticed that the wave mechanism has started to click during use or if and pressure is applied to it. It doesn’t feel like its going to fall apart now but I do wonder how long its actually going to last in the long term.

Okay, so you’ve been looking at the Mona 2 and the Mona Wave and want to know which one to go for. If you want a fantastic all round G-Spot and clitoral vibrator with powerful, semi-rumbly vibrations then you want the Mona 2, my friend. As much as I personally get along with the Mona Wave (and I’m one of very few according to the plethora of negative reviews out there), it is a crap vibrator compared to the Mona 2.

As things stand, the Mona Wave is a promising toy. I like it, it does some magical things to me, but for a lot of people it could be better. Until LELO stick a proper motor in it and add some faster wavey speeds then its not really worth its hefty price tag. Save the £15 or so and buy a Mona 2.

[Update 20/10/15: LELO have recently changed their prices and the Mona 2 and Mona Wave are now the same (really fucking high) price. Sad times. If you’ve got the cash though, it’s the Mona 2 you want.]

RRP: £108.95

Overall Rating: 3.5 Stars

Value for Money (Rip Off 0 – 5 Bargain):   2 Stars
Looks (Ugly 0 – 5 Beautiful):   5 Stars
Build Quality (Pile of Crap 0 – 5 Top of the Line):   4.5 Stars
Noise Level (Silent 0 – 5 Loud):   4 Stars
Strength of Vibrations (Weak 0 – 5 Powerful):   2 Stars
Orgasm Rating (Didn’t Come 0 – 5 Sent Me Through the Roof!):   5 Stars

The Mona Wave and Mona 2 are both available from my pals at


 I was sent the LELO Mona Wave by free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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5 thoughts on “Review: LELO Mona Wave

  1. Bitsen

    While I’m still pretty smitten with the concept… Yeah, as you’ve mentioned I haven’t read too many positive reviews of the wave function.
    Maybe they’ll put out a Mona Wave 2? With a stronger motor a faster wave function?

    I don’t mind the idea of a slow wave – I have the Ida and I imagine the slow wave on the Mona body is much more pleasurable. But I could do with more wave speed options.

    I really appreciate reading a review with a differing opinion of the Wave, though!

    1. Little Spoon Post author

      I didn’t expect to get on with it at all, the first two times I thought it was a fluke but nope… my vag loves this thing!
      I still wouldn’t tell anyone to rush out and buy it though, unless they have all the money in the world and want to collect the whole LELO range. The Mona 2 is just so superior.
      I would be very interested if they decide to put out a Mona Wave 2 with the improvements mentioned as it would probably be worth the money then.

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