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It’s time for a little break from vibrators, here’s something completely different!

From the first time I saw Tim Burton’s Batman Returns aged ??, I have been in love with Michelle Pfeiffer’s rendition of Catwoman. From the PVC catsuit (that she had to be vacuum sealed into!) to the bullwhip skills, red lips and fierce, unhinged attitude. For me it is the height of female sex appeal and one of my main influences in my burlesque stage personas. I agreed to review these steel cat nails by MisterB for Überkinky, mostly because they reminded me of the scene in which Selina Kyle ‘transforms’ into Catwoman in the film (see what I mean?) but also because I love that sort of sensation play, from playful tickling to harder scratches that can almost break the skin. These looked like they’re up to both of those jobs!

The cat nails arrive in very modest packaging – just a little clear plastic wrapper with no labels or branding. Nice and simple, although I would have preferred a little box or teeny drawstring bag to keep the toy protected in storage.

The overall build quality is pretty good. The soldering is a little messy on one of the joints but the rest is fine. The product page over on Überkinky says the metal is stainless steel and I believe that. This is great as it can be sterilised between uses by boiling or cleaning with rubbing alcohol – this is especially important if you intend to use it to draw blood and/or with multiple partners.

The rings fit both mine and my male partner’s fingers fine. He has quite slim fingers for a man and mine are average for a woman but we both found there is still a little room left to accommodate those with thicker fingers. We both found the cat nails fitted best on our index or middle fingers. Please note that the ring closer to the points is narrower than the one at the base so don’t try putting it on ‘backwards’ as you might end up stuck! (I mention this because yes, it happened to my partner, ha!)

Using the cat nails is pretty straight forward. Simply put them on your desired finger and trail the points over your partner’s skin, as gently or forcefully as you/they would like. The product page suggests this tool could be used for blood play but I’m not sure about that. The points are pointy (duh!) but they are not by any means sharp. While I should note that blood play is one of my partner’s hard limits so we haven’t actually tried this, it is clear that just from handling the nails that it would take quite a bit of force and effort to actually break the skin.

However, I do enjoy the many varied sensations that the cat nails can produce. Yes, obviously you can hurt by pressing down very hard, but even though I would class myself as a pain slut, I don’t really enjoy this. The pain is dull whereas I prefer sharper sensations – think the difference between a butter knife and a scalpel. You can produce quite satisfying marks in the skin without pressing too hard, and some may enjoy being able to temporarily scratch words into their partner’s flesh.

However, my favourite use for the cat nails (to be on the receiving end of, as I am with most of our kink sessions) is as a tickling device. Lightly drawing the cat nails across particularly sensitive areas, my  favourites being my sides and just under my breasts, is delightfully squirm inducing!

Overall this is a neat little toy and I’m glad I own it. However, I do think it would be nice if it came with some form of storage solution, especially for the price. I wouldn’t recommend it for blood sports as it really isn’t sharp enough – definitely stick to sterile single use piercing needles or scalpels instead.

RRP: £16.99

Pick up your own Cat Nails from Ü

I was sent the Mister B Cat Nails by Überkinky free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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4 thoughts on “Review: Mister B Cat Nails

  1. Dana Martin

    These are awesome. I want some claws. So sexy. I was watching a bonnie rotten porn and this one chick had purple claw gloves, but thisis nicer/sharper.


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