Review: Sliquid Swirl Strawberry & Pomegranate Flavoured Lube

  • Ingredients: Purified Water, Plant Cellulose (from Cotton), Cyamopsis (Guar Conditioners), Strawberry & Pomegranate Flavouring, Aspartame, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid
  • Water-based, Glycerin and Paraben free, Cruelty free and 100% Vegan, pH balanced

As my long term readers will probably know, I have a notoriously sensitive vulva. The slightest change in my routine can set it off on one and it’s an absolute pain in the arse (or cunt, even). As a result I am extremely picky about what lube I use and have become a devout Sliquid fanatic. It’s the only brand I’ve tried that doesn’t cause me any discomfort, even when suffering from skin tearing, plus their products are 100% Vegan friendly, made from natural ingredients, do not contain any glycerin or parabens and are just generally all round awesome.

Admittedly until now I have shied away from trying their flavoured lube range. This is due to a number of poor experiences with other brands in the past when I wasn’t as educated in lubricant safety as I am now. At best they hurt, at worst they gave me chronic yeast infections, probably due to containing sugar or glycerin or some other dodgy, vagina hating ingredient. They also didn’t taste very nice – either the flavour was too strong and overpowering or it just plain tasted gross!

However, I’d heard good things about Sliquid’s ‘Swirl’ flavoured range. A blogger I love totally lost their shit when Lovehoney discontinued the Green Apple flavour and went buying up all the available bottles. That must count for something!

My pals at Belle de Soir graciously sent me the Strawberry & Pomegranate flavour for review. I didn’t get to pick which flavour I got but had I been given the option this is probably the one I’d have gone for. The other flavours in the range stocked at Belle de Soir are Blue Raspberry, Cherry Vanilla, the aforementioned Green Apple, Piña Colada and Pink Lemonade. All are available in 125ml bottles and all but the last two also come in 5ml sample sachets.

IMG_5367 copy

The bottle is quite small and a good size for travel. I always buy the larger 255ml bottles of my staple Sliquid lubes as I do get through quite a lot, but I might get a couple of the 125ml size for when I’m visiting my partner as it’s much more convenient. It has the usual Sliquid branding on it which is quite bright and colourful which I personally quite like.

Like all of the Sliquid Swirl range, this lube is water-based. Consistency wise it is quite runny but not so much that it’s uncontrollable. When compared, it’s actually a tiny bit thicker than Sliquid Organics H2O but no where near as thick as Sliquid Sassy.

Now, I’ve got to be honest, I was really sceptical about how the lube would actually taste. My first impression on opening the bottle was that it smelled a little strong. Quite nice, but strong. However, I read on the Sliquid site that they claim their flavours are designed to be “subtle, and are intended to enhance your taste, not disguise.”

So I tried it. And I loved it.

Yep. This lube actually tastes really nice. It is not at all overpowering like the notorious Durex Cherry crap. It tastes diluted but that’s surprisingly pleasant. I agree with Sliquid’s claim that this is designed to enhance the natural tastes of oral sex rather than cover it up (who wants that anyway?!). However, I wouldn’t say the flavour is that true to the fruits it is trying to emulate. It definitely tastes artificial, but in the same way the fruity sauces you put on ice cream do so it’s not really a deal breaker. It’s rather on the sweet side, which again I’m fine with, but it might be a tad sickly to some. The flavour reminds me most of an apple & blueberry J2O, of all things. I will sit and eat this straight out of the bottle given the chance!

One thing I really struggle with is often having quite a dry mouth due to a side effect of my long term medication. As much as I love giving head, this can sometimes make things tricky (especially in the morning) so I sometimes have to forego a blow job which sucks.

However, after discovering how much I enjoy the taste of this lube I was delighted. Could this be the answer to my dry morning blow job problem?

We wasted no time finding out and it was a resounding success! The lube not only aided my initial dryness but it also helped me salivate a lot more than I would naturally. The subtle sweetness of the lube also counterbalances the salty or bitter taste that semen can sometimes have which obviously makes things more pleasant for the giver. I’m personally fine with the taste of jizz, however if you’re not so into it but want to be, it might be worth giving one of the Sliquid Swirl lubes a try.

As a masturbation or sex lube, Sliquid Swirl performs a lot like Sliquid H2O. I find it compliments my smoother, not so draggy, insertable silicone toys best (think LELO) and it works well enough for a quicky with a clit vibe. When using just my fingers on my clit it needed reactivating and reapplying way too often to be worth while. I haven’t once experienced irritation or pain from using this lube which is great.

Overall I think this is a fantastic flavoured lube. I have never been a fan of flavoured lubes but this has totally converted me. The flavour is subtle, yet tasty and delightfully moreish. Its best use is definitely as a compliment to oral sex.

If you want to give better, wetter head, you need some Sliquid Swirl in your life.

RRP: £9.95

Available at Belle de Soir

I was sent the Sliquid Swirl Strawberry & Pomegranate Flavoured Lube by Belle de Soir free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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4 thoughts on “Review: Sliquid Swirl Strawberry & Pomegranate Flavoured Lube

  1. Bitsen

    I love the idea of flavored lubes, but have heard such bad things about most of them that I dropped the subject entirely. Seeing that Sliquid had their own line, though, made me a bit optimistic.
    I’m glad to hear that they did flavored lube right! I might have to try it out; looks like the offer a lube cube just of the flavored stuff.

  2. chcbrd09

    Great to hear it agrees with your physiology 🙂 (I would expect nothing less from Sliquid, though ;))

    I think that for me personally Blue Raspberry would be more appealing of a flavour. I do eat my share of artificially-flavoured food, but the one flavouring that I absolutely can’t stand is strawberry. Thus, I’m glad there’s quite a range to choose from 🙂


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