Review: Good Clean Love Almost Naked Lube

  • Ingredients: Organic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Xanthan Gum, Agar, Lactic Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate & Natural Flavour
  • Water-based, 95% Organic Ingredients, No Petrochemicals, Glycerin & Paraben free, Cruelty free and 100% Vegan
  • Named one of the safest personal lubricants by the National Institute of Health

First off, I am my vagina is notoriously picky when it comes to lube. It is SO easily irritated that choosing a lube used to be an absolute nightmare. Then I discovered amazing brands such as Sliquid, who formulate their products with as few ingredients as possible and totally leave out nasty glycerin and parabens that are potentially damaging to one’s vaginal health, and my life was changed for the better. Since then I’m always on the look out for new tried and trusted brands to recommend.

Good Clean Love are a US based company who have been on my radar a while and yet I’d never tried any of their products, mostly because they are very difficult to come by here in the UK. They have the most beautiful ethos and such a gorgeous, informative website; when the lovely Lorrae contacted me offering to send some products for review my way, I leapt at the chance to work with this company.


Almost Naked is GCL’s flagship product. It is clear and thick with a gel-like consistency and is slightly scented and flavoured – something I would usually avoid in a lube for fear of developing a yeast infection, but I trust these guys that there’s nothing in the product that would cause that.

I was sent the 4 fl. oz. (120ml) bottle which is the biggest available, though it also comes in a travel size 1.5 oz. bottle and 4ml sachets if you prefer to sample your lube before committing to a full size tube! The packaging is minimalist and tasteful (just the way I like it!) and the squeezy tube with flip cap lid makes dispensing the product quick and easy.

Performance wise, it is very similar to my staple lube, Sliquid Organics Natural Gel (the Organic version of Sassy). Some may find it too thick and more suited to anal, but I personally prefer thick lubes for vaginal sex and masturbation owing to the fact my vulva is particularly sensitive to friction and tearing. I often find I need the additional ‘padding’ a thicker lube provides. I also like that when applied directly to a toy, this lube is thick enough that it just stays where you put it instead of running all over the place! My sheets are so grateful.

Like most thicker water based lubes I’ve tried, Almost Naked doesn’t last an exceptionally long time before needing reactivating with either a bit of water or saliva, but for me it usually lasts long enough so it isn’t a big deal. For extra long and vigorous sessions, a reapplication will probably be necessary. When rubbed into the skin it leaves absolutely no stickiness or visible residue. It both smells and tastes quite sweet and vanilla-ry which to me is verging on being a bit sickly (I’m a bit weird with smells sometimes), however my partner thinks its absolutely amazing, so he gets all ‘reactivation’ duties!

I actually like this lube a lot. It performs as well as my favourite, and while I personally could do without the sweetness, I’ve encountered far worse smelling and tasting lubes in the past. I do at least believe that this one is perfectly edible with no ill effects! While using this lube I have suffered absolutely no irritation or yeast infections = result!

Now, I rarely make this particular complaint, but I couldn’t not mention it in this case. My only major problem is the price. (This is only really applicable if like me, you live outside the US). If you’re in America, you can pick up the 4 oz. bottle for around $15 which is just under a tenner in the UK, which is not a bad price for an organic lube of this quality. However, the only stockist I could find in the UK charges £14, not including delivery. For the amount you get in a bottle and the speed I get through lube, unfortunately for me it just isn’t value for money.

On that note, hmmmm. I definitely recommend this brand; I love what they’re all about and I love what they do. Their Aphrodisiac Product range looks gorgeous! If you’re in the US or Canada, their products are readily stocked on pharmacy shelves. (Oh, how I live in envy of you guys over there sometimes! Get out there and fill your boots!)

However, if you’re in the UK… I’m just not sure this lube is really worth splashing out on when you can get over twice the amount of an equally awesome and body friendly Sliquid lube for the same price.

I really hope to see Good Clean Love’s products established and readily available on the UK market (and around the rest of the world!) one day soon.

[Edit 14/09/15: Welp. I decided to revisit this lube as I was running low on my usual (the Sliquid Organics range), things were fine for a few days, then I started burning (internally and externally!) when applying the product aaaand now I have thrush. This is the second time this has happened to me while using exclusively a GCL for a week or so (see my Bio-Match review) and while the company maintains their products don’t cause or contribute to yeast infections, I know my vagina better than them. I know I don’t have an aloe sensitivity as the two Sliquid Organics lubes I use contain it and I’ve never had a problem with them. I reckon it’s the ‘Natural Flavor’ (whatever that is…) that my vag can’t deal with.

No hard feelings towards Good Clean Love, I’ve read tons of glowing reviews from bloggers I trust and I believe I am part of a teeny tiny minority that has had negative reactions to this lube. My mucous membranes are apparently just even more fussy than I thought.]

RRP: $14.99

US folks can buy direct from Good Clean Love

(Also carried at SheVibe and GoodVibes)

UK peeps, try Biovea

 I was sent this product by Good Clean Love free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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3 thoughts on “Review: Good Clean Love Almost Naked Lube

  1. chcbrd09

    I immediately recognized this packaging from Miss Ruby’s photo! 😀 Great to hear this lube performs as well as its packaging looks (I think the smell would be nicer if the lemon would come through more, or if it was straight lightly-lemony, but that’s my opinion). I can’t get my hands on it to test that, unfortunately. One thing I would have gripes about is the cap — I can see myself not flicking the tub around quickly enough, or just opening it with too much pressure on the tub, and getting lube all over that cap for it to congeal and be hard to clean. A press-down top (not sure how to call it) bottle would be better, in my opinion.

    Thanks for mentioning the price differences — definitely worth noting! I can see it a bit cheaper on Ebay, with international shipping; but I have no idea if/how much of customs would be applied.

    1. Little Spoon Post author

      I had to pay quite a lot in customs for my review package to come from the States – another reason I can’t afford this stuff, but I didn’t want to put that in the review as it’s nothing to do with the company.

      Also I agree, I wish it was more lemony or a bit ‘fresher’ smelling as I’m not a very vanilla person (in all senses of the word, haha!)


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