Review: ASLAN Leather Jaguar Harness

  • Leather (with silver coloured hardware)
  • Converts from Jock-Style to G-String
  • Ring Diameter: 1.75 inches (includes interchangeable 2 inch O-ring)
  • Small fits hip sizes: 26-44 inches, UK 6-16
  • Large fits hip sizes: 36-56 inches, UK 10-24

The ASLAN Leather Jaguar was my first ever harness, and will probably be my only one as I can’t imagine ever needing another.

That’s it, review over! NEXT!

Okay, serious mode. I adore this thing. The way it looks, the way it feels, the way it smells, how well it performs… To me it’s just perfect.

I actually purchased my Jag before strap on play was even on the agenda for us. It was something I’d always wanted to try, yet for a long time my partner seemed to veer between either being either disinterested or outright against the idea. I guess my Jag was a bit of an impulse buy in that respect, but since we have finally ventured out into the amazing world of pegging, it has turned out to be a damn good one!

The ASLAN Leather Jaguar harness is available in two sizes, a number of awesome different colours and vegan friendly materials over on the ASLAN Leather site. However as I am UK based I decided to buy mine from the fine folks at Überkinky, who stock it in black (like mine), cherry red and white leather (prices vary).

Leather Strap On Harness

My harness arrived in a clear zip-lock bag with a little tag with some cleaning and care instructions. ASLAN products have a lifetime guarantee and if your item breaks during normal wear or is defective then they will repair or replace it, which is brilliant, but given the superb quality of my harness I think it is unlikely I’ll ever need to make use of that.

The leather this harness is made out of is absolutely divine. I have a bit of a leather fetish and knew from the start that I definitely wanted a leather harness. I shopped around and researched a lot, but all the cheaper options looked like they’d be too chafey and harsh against the skin, and I didn’t want to risk my first encounter with a harness being disappointing or uncomfortable. The high quality garment leather that ASLAN have used is so wonderfully soft and supple that it doesn’t need ‘breaking in’ and it is entirely double lined so there is no rough or suede side that might be awkward to clean. When I first put the harness on it just felt right, like an extension of me. The leather warms up to skin temperature very quickly and it smells gorgeous.

Adjusting the harness to fit was extremely simple and once you’ve done it you don’t need to fiddle with it ever again really. I chose the larger size as my hips measure 44 inches which is the maximum suggested for the size small. There are plenty of holes left should I lose or put on a bit of weight or the leather stretches over time, so I’m confident that this harness could last me forever in that respect. It is really easy to slip on – you leave one side permanently buckled, step in and adjust the other strap accordingly. The butt straps have D-ring closures which again are extremely simple to adjust. The ASLAN Leather Jaguar can be worn either jock-style (two strap) or like a G-string (one strap) depending on your personal preference. I nearly always wear mine jock-style as I find it more comfortable, more flattering of my arse and it leaves my vulva nicely exposed. The Jag is designed to be worn quite low on the hips. I wasn’t sure how flattering this was going to be of my larger figure but I was delighted to find that it fits like a glove and looks great!

With the Jag you have the option of using the permanent hole in the harness (which measures 1 3/4 inches so is big enough for the majority of dildos) or the snap out O-ring system depending on your dildo’s base. So far I have used the permanent hole exclusively as I like feeling the base of my cock pressing against my skin/clit and I feel like I have better control this way. If you’re not into silicone on skin/hair then the O-ring system will suit you better. During use, my harness has always stayed in position and never needed adjusting.

The ASLAN Leather Jaguar is also compatible with double ended dildos/’strapless strap ons’ – I have successfully used mine with my Fun Factory ShareVibe. The harness supports the rather heavy ShareVibe effortlessly and takes some of the pressure off my vaginal muscles. When wearing my Jag jock-style it leaves room to be able to operate the vibrating bullet in the ShareVibe with minimum fuss, however wearing it G-string style offers a little more support for the toy.

So far I have had no trouble cleaning my Jaguar harness. I’ve only used water based lubes with it and these wipe off with a damp cloth and a bit of leather cleaner. Be sure to pat dry immediately and get all moisture out of the creases before storing – do not hang to dry. Never soak or submerge your leather in water (sorry aqua fans, if shower/underwater strap on sex is your thing, you’ll need a different harness – maybe something like the Spareparts Joque).

My only real criticism of this harness has absolutely nothing to do with how it performs. In the little care leaflet, it suggests protecting the metal rivets from tarnishing by coating them with clear nail polish. For a product of this price, it did disappoint me a little as I would have assumed they’d have used better quality hardware that wouldn’t require treatment like this. Oh well.

Overall, I think this is an absolutely brilliant harness, especially for those who are particularly into leather and the aesthetics of a traditional strappy harness. I am so happy I bought this as my first, it has been a brilliant induction to the world of strap on sex, has fulfilled all my needs and I honestly can’t see myself needing another harness until this one packs it in. If it does, I wouldn’t hesitate to replace it with another.

RRP: $105 from ASLAN Leather

Mine was £64.99 from Ü

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    Oh, Aslan’s great. My partner has a harness by them (not this one) and it’s served us very well. Glad you had a similar experience!


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