Review: Fun Factory Big Boss G5

  • Silicone & ABS Plastic/USB Rechargeable/Waterproof/Multiple Speeds & Patterns
  • Length: 9.25 inches Insertable Length: 6 inches Max. Circumference: 5.75 inches

The Fun Factory Big Boss G5 is a ferocious BEAST of a vibrator. Everything about it is so big and in your face: from the retina searing shade of hot pink and semi-realistic form to its formidable size and girth and its spectacular deep and rumbly vibrations – it’s all pretty awesome and overall I’m very impressed.

The Big Boss G5 is the latest version of Fun Factory’s popular Big Boss vibrator. This is only the second Fun Factory toy I’ve owned (the other being the ShareVibe which is a very different toy that I’m still trying to get to grips with) so unfortunately I can’t compare the G5 to any earlier incarnations of the Big Boss.

The Big Boss G5 is a large, semi-realistic vibrator. It is unabashedly dick-shaped which isn’t everybody’s thing, but I’m diggin’ it. It is available in black, nude and this amazing, almost flourescent hot pink. I’m only slightly disappointed that the G5 doesn’t come in orange like the G4 did as this ridiculous pink just about makes up for it. It comes in Fun Factory’s standard packaging which features a large, colourful image of the toy on its outer sleeve, with the toy itself contained within a separate gold box which is much more discreet should you wish to store it in its packaging (I do this with my ShareVibe). As well as the toy, you also get a USB charger cable and some instructions, so the bare minimum (no storage bag, booo!)

Charging is super easy thanks to Fun Factory’s magnetic Click’n’Charge system and as with all new rechargeable toys, you need to make sure it’s fully charged up before using.

Fun Factory Big Boss G5

Fun Factory’s silicone is matte and extremely draggy. Like, an all new level of draggy. My ShareVibe has some drag, more than most silicones I’ve experienced, but Big Boss’s is even more so. It almost feels gritty and there are some patches that a rougher than others (if I hadn’t read about this being normal for Fun Factory I’d have thought that might have been a fault). If you ‘went in dry’ with this toy, you’d regret it. A lot. I found I needed to use ALLLLL the lube when trying to accommodate the Big Boss as otherwise it felt like I was sandpapering my insides. That is a pretty negative point and I understand it would be a big deal breaker for some, but I actually don’t mind. Everything else about the toy makes it worth drowning in a great lube puddle for.

Incidentally I went through my entire lube collection to find the perfect lube for this sort of silicone and I highly recommend using a thicker water based lube, something designed for anal to give some extra cushioning (like Sliquid Sassy). I also experimented using Yes Oil Based as a sort of ‘base layer’ (this didn’t damage my toy in any way, Yes is perfectly compatible with silicone) to take the edge off the gritty feeling and then applied a water based lube on top and to myself, but I didn’t notice much difference between that and just using a thick water based lube by itself. Plus the oil made clean up a longer process and well, I’m lazy and don’t have time for that!

What I believe is a new feature for the G5 vibrators (the Tiger and Patchy Paul have also had an upgrade) is the flexible shaft. Big Boss is bendy! And squishy! This delighted me as the majority of my vibrators just have a thin silicone skin and are very firm, but I love the squish that comes with a softer silicone dildo. The Big Boss is somewhere in the middle and just a little bit firmer than my Tantus Cush O2. It’s gooood.

The shape of the Big Boss is pretty perfect for me when I’m in the mood for girth (which is quite often). It is realistic without being too uncanny valley. It has a nicely defined glans with quite a gentle coronal ridge and some abstract, sort of veining towards the handle. Aside from that, the shaft is pretty smooth. The build quality is all round excellent – it feels very well put together and not rattly at all.

The Big Boss G5 is super simple to operate. It has three buttons, a +, a – and a FUN! Oooh! The Fun button is essentially the power on/off button while the + and – changed settings. Big Boss can be locked by holding down – followed by Fun until they flash, and unlocked by holding down + then Fun. The buttons on the lovely shiny handle (complete with finger loop) are raised and easy to locate without looking, plus they light up when the toy is switched on too which is helpful in the dark. They’re also ridiculously satisfying to click – just FYI.

The toy has a lot of different intensities and patterns which would take me ages to describe, so here’s a handy illustration from the manual:

bigbossmanual copy 2

Ohhhh, the vibrations. They’re absolutely divine. With a lot of toys I’m not usually fussed about internal vibrations, they just don’t do a lot for me. UNLESS they’re extremely strong, deep and rumbly. The L’Amourose Rosa and Denia vibrators were the first toys to really turn me on to internal vibrations and I love them. But I love the Big Boss G5 more and believe me, that is quite an achievement. Let me explain.

As I mentioned earlier, Big Boss’s shaft is flexible like a dildo. As a result, the motor is positioned towards the handle end of the toy. While the silicone transmits the epic rumbles fairly well (I could use the Big Boss successfully clitorally if I wanted to), the vibrations are strongest lower down the shaft. I love this because I don’t get a lot of stimulation from vibrations on my G-spot – my G-spot prefers firm pressure and to be rubbed (which incidentally, the head of the Big Boss is also brilliant for, yay!) I get more pleasure from deep vibrations around my vaginal opening but more inside, around where I imagine my clitoral legs are. While I prefer to use an additional clitoral vibe (which basically has to be the We-Vibe Tango, a lesser vibe would just get drowned out while the Big Boss is doing its thing) at the same time as this toy, when I actually come I feel that the epicentre of my orgasm is more around my vagina rather than the external bit of my clitoris, but it’s not the same as a G-spot/regular vag orgasm. I’ve had similar experiences with the similarly powerful shaft of the Fifty Shades Greedy Girl rabbit, but the Big Boss feels more intense as it has the extra girth to clench around. Basically, this toy has given me feelings I’d never felt before, how ’bout that?!

The constant vibration settings are excellent, ranging from a gentle purr to a full on roar, but most of the time when I use this toy I click straight through to the pulse settings. The patterns seem to emphasise the depth of the vibrations and create this gorgeous throbbing sensation. I particularly enjoy the last three settings (Fun Factory calls them the ‘Razzle Dazzle Mode’ patterns) which are hard to describe (the above graphic is probably more helpful than any stilted description I can give you) – you’ll just have to believe me on this one when I say that they are unusual, fun and very intense.

The Big Boss also makes a formidable dildo. I can’t thrust it with the vibrations on – it’s just too much stimulation for me in that I can’t concentrate on both sensations at the same time and my vag ends up getting confused! When thrusting with the vibrations off, I can easily angle it so that the head of the toy grazes my G-spot as it slides back and forth. I do find I have to reapply lube frequently as it’s almost like this type of silicone drinks it. If I’m very, very warmed up and aroused I can orgasm this way with no additional stimulation and have even ejaculated unexpectedly once or twice.

Overall, I freakin’ adore this toy. Okay, the weird silicone is a bit of a divider – some people are gonna hate it, others may love it. I think it’s fine so long as you use the right lube and loads of it. The size isn’t the most accessible, but if you’re into girthy insertables it’s brilliant. The vibrations are very intense which is my favourite thing about the toy, but I guess they could be uncomfortable for some.

Whatever, the Big Boss G5 and I are BFFs. Big thanks to the folks at Jo Divine for hooking us up!

RRP: £74.99

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Value for Money (Rip Off 0 – 5 Bargain):   4 Stars
Looks (Ugly 0 – 5 Beautiful):   4.5 Stars
Build Quality (Pile of Crap 0 – 5 Top of the Line):   5 Stars
Noise Level (Silent 0 – 5 Loud):   3.5 Stars
Strength of Vibrations (Weak 0 – 5 Powerful):   5 Stars
Orgasm Rating (Didn’t Come 0 – 5 Sent Me Through the Roof!):   5 Stars

Available in all colours at Jo Divine

 I was sent the Fun Factory Big Boss G5 by Jo Divine free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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  1. Simona

    I really love the fact that you can push it up and down by using the handle with just one finger. Looks great but a bit pricey 🙂

  2. chcbrd09

    Whoa that pink. It is kind of nice, though. Like, “I’m so big and rumbly, and now I’m PINK IN YOUR FACE”, if that makes sense 😀 I saw how reallllly squishy it is in a video from Jo Divine — which looks like such a fun activity, too.


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