Review: Doxy Skittle

  • Silicone coated ABS & ABS/Mains operated/NOT waterproof

The original Doxy Massager is a firm favourite in my toy box. It’s one of the few toys I own that if it died, I would probably buy another sharpish. Because of this I had very high hopes for the Skittle.

The packaging is very plain and straight forward – just a thick white cardboard box with some branding and the Skittle displayed through a clear plastic window. It’s a bit large and cumbersome to keep for storage so I recommend finding an alternative container to house your Skittle when not in use.

The build quality of the toy, as I’d come to expect from Doxy, is great. The parts of the toy that come in contact with the body are coated in silky silicone while the base and control pad are shiny ABS plastic.

While the Skittle is a little quirky looking, as someone who reviews a lot of generic vibrators aimed at female bodied users, it’s refreshing. I quite like how it isn’t completely obvious what you’re supposed to do with it! The Skittle is mains powered but the cord should be long enough for most bedrooms. Similar to ye olde vibes of yore, the Skittle has a control panel which is separate to the vibrating part of toy, so I found it necessary to use two hands or make sure I have a partner on hand to operate the vibrations.


I set to work first testing the Skittle clitorally. As the toy rumbled to life I thought “Ooh! We’re in business!” but when I actually touched the probe bit (where the vibrations are concentrated) to my clit… nothing. Now the Skittle is by no means a weak toy (that’s not the point I’m trying to make). In fact it’s very strong and rumbly. Possibly TOO rumbly, if that’s even a thing?!

My clitoris is just apparently not very receptive to the Skittle’s style of vibrations. It’s like the frequency of the vibrations is too slow, and while they’re deep and throbbing (which I’m sure a lot of people are going to love) they just feel boring rather than intense to me. I had more success with the highest (of five) and buzziest of the speed settings which surprised me seeing as I rarely get past the third setting on my Doxy wand. Unfortunately I found having a clitoral orgasm with the Doxy Skittle a challenge and a chore. No fault of the toy per se, my body just doesn’t respond to it they way it does most other powerful vibrators.

Using the probe vaginally again didn’t do very much for me. The rather petite probe is too short to hit even my shallow G-spot and not girthy enough to really be satisfying. The Skittle’s vibrations would usually be the sort of thing I’d love vaginally, but due to the probe being so small it just isn’t very stimulating. Also as loads of other reviews I’ve read so far have said, the longer ridge above the probe which is designed (or looks as though it’s designed) to provide additional clitoral stimulation while the probe is inserted is waaaay too short for me to use it like that.

I briefly tried the Skittle anally and that was okay – it’s a good size and shape for intermediate anal players – I just had trouble holding onto it at the same time as using an additional clit vibe. The Skittle really isn’t a hands free anal toy, it’s just too heavy. It would work a lot better if you have a partner on hand to assist.

My opinions about the control panel being a separate unit from the actual vibrating part of the toy are divided. It’s cool I guess, if you’re into having a partner control your toys, but there’s little fun in that for me as if I want to get anything out of it I have to stick the Skittle on full whack from the get go and leave it. It’s also better than using a toy where the buttons are awkwardly placed on the toy (eg. the L’Amourose vibes which are nearly impossible to operate if you’re left handed). On the other hand, if you’re a dual wielder (like using a clit toy and an internal toy at the same time) like me, it’s a drag if you want to adjust the Skittle’s intensity as you have to let go of one of the toys to do so.

The Skittle is not water proof so you want to be careful about cleaning it. A damp cloth and some toy cleaner will suffice though you’ll want to be extra thorough if you’re switching between partner’s or orifices.

Overall, this is a well made toy that packs a punch, it just really didn’t hit ANY of the spots for me. It’s cool, it’s different and it’s very body inclusive, not a bad toy by any means, just not for me.

If Doxy were to put out another version with a longer and wider probe, then I think I’d get on with it much better.

RRP: £79.99

Overall Rating: 3.5 Stars

Value for Money (Rip Off 0 – 5 Bargain):   3.5 Stars
Looks (Ugly 0 – 5 Beautiful):   4 Stars
Build Quality (Pile of Crap 0 – 5 Top of the Line):   5 Stars
Noise Level (Silent 0 – 5 Loud):  n/a 4 Stars
Strength of Vibrations (Weak 0 – 5 Powerful):  4.5 Stars
Orgasm Rating (Didn’t Come 0 – 5 Sent Me Through the Roof!):   2.5 Stars

Available at Lovehoney

I was sent the Doxy Skittle by Lovehoney free of charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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